Visa Consultant

Global Travel is the best visa consultants in Lahore, Islamabad, Pakistan, with affordable prices, high success rates, and hassle-free services.

The processing time is usually 2- 3 months depending on the time of year a client applies.

Visa Consultant for Study Visa:

This is usually September, the month most universities start their admission. We usually recommend applying in May and June. There are also some universities in the UK, EU and Asia that start admission in January.  

We usually charge a student consulting fee at the beginning of the admission application as Our Travel agents try their best not to waste any time and will do their best to create any possible admissions in any of the starter months.  

Visa Consultant for Work Visa:

The most important stage of getting work abroad is getting a job offer then getting a work permit and applying for a visa.  We charge customers in three instalments of payment at the beginning of each stage of the process.

Visa Consultant for Family Visa:

If your spouse is living abroad, our immigration consultants in Pakistan can help in organizing your documents ready for submission with your application so that you can join your family members.

Visa Consultant for Investment Visa:

There are many countries in the world which do offer a great opportunity of investment along with a visa.  Business clients can benefit from his/her investment in the form of money and a visa as well.

We usually charge 1 % of the clients investment and we consult with clients in the investment and visa processing with basic advance money to start work along with the client.

Visa Consultant for Travel Ticket:

If a client purchases a ticket, Global travel can give the option to pay us by card or cash, which is not usually offered in Pakistan or the UK by other travel agents. We also accept most currencies from PKR, Euro and Pounds Sterling.

Visa Consultant for Travel Insurance:

We do offer all of the most popular insurance companies travel insurance and will find the best options for you and your travel needs. We deal with  Allianz, Adamjee, EFU and many other trusted insurance companies .

Airport Transfer:

We offer a private hire airport transfer service to clients who have booked with us while and purchased their tickets from us. This service is only offered in a few airports in Pakistan and all airports of the UK.

ID Card and Passport application:

Our travel agency charges a very reasonable price for the service of passport and ID cards. Global travel Agents apply on behalf of the customer for their ID card and passport applications. The customer is responsible for their own information and documents provided to fill the relevant application forms of ID card and passports. photographic services are also available in both offices in Pakistan and the UK for the Pakistan ID Card.

Refund Policy:

Refund policy varies depending on the  type of visa. Visit /family  visa 50% refund on refusal and 25% refund on work visa. No refund on a student visa only college will return the fee if the visa is rejected. and no refund on ID card and passport application submission.

For further information please contact our team.

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