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For startups looking to do business in Japan, It can be difficult to meet the requirements of the ‘Business Manager’ visa. Applicants for the Business Manager visa must start an office in Japan and either employ two or more people or spend five million yen. For many entrepreneurs, this is a deal-breaker.

This Startup Visa allows foreign nationals seeking the “Management / Manager” residency status to enter and stay for up to one year in order to prepare to start a business. Even if you do not meet all of the requirements for a “Management / Manager” visa, you can still be granted a “Startup” visa by submitting a “Entrepreneurship preparation activity confirmation application” to Kobe City, receiving confirmation from Kobe City that you will meet the requirements within a year, and having the Immigration Bureau examine your application based on that confirmation.”

Tokyo is the city with the most patents in the world. It also leads the field in a variety of technologies, including electrical machinery and nanotechnology. It also houses the largest number of global firms, including Sony, Softbank, and Toyota.


The Employment Based Second Preference (“EB-2C”) immigrant visa is a subcategory of the EB-2 category that is available to candidates who want to start their own creative firm in the United States. Applicants are granted a 10-year unconditional green card in the United States for themselves and their dependents, which include their spouse and children under the age of 21. This means that the applicant (and their families) will be able to live, work, and study anywhere in the United States.

Applicants for the EB-2C stream must have a bachelor’s degree comparable in the United States, as well as five years of experience in the same field as the degree and managerial job experience. Their new business venture must be in the same field as their professional and academic pursuits.

The applicant must also further demonstrate that:

  • the business idea has substantial merit and national importance,
  • the applicant is well-positioned to advance the proposed business venture, and
  • that it would be beneficial to the USA to waive the requirement of a job offer.

The applicant must demonstrate that they will serve the national interest to a much larger extent than an available U.S. worker with the same minimal qualifications. As a result, the national interest waiver is contingent on the business venture’s potential national (or local) benefit.

USA has ranked best as its eleven cities are considered as world’s most innovative cities where you can apply for innovation entrepreneur visa.

These USA cities are following:

  • Boston
  • New York
  • Houston
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Chicago
  • San Francisco
  • Atlanta
  • Seattle
  • Miami
  • Washington

Our professional visa consultants will help you to apply for a startup visa of US countries.


The global war for talent is heating up. To help develop a better economy, Australia is aiming to attract the finest and brightest.

The Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce was founded by the Australian government to attract high-value firms and extraordinarily talented individuals to Australia, as well as their ideas, networks, and cash. Australia has specialized talent recruiting schemes in place to help the country’s economy grow.

​This visa serves as a stepping stone to the subclass 888 visa, which is a permanent visa for company innovation and investment. In rare cases, you may be able to renew your current subclass 188 visa for up to four years.

You must choose an Australian State or Territory where you will conduct your company, investment, or entrepreneurial activity when applying for a subclass 188 visa. You will almost certainly be required to live in the state or territory where these activities will take place. To be eligible for a subclass 188 visa, you must get a nomination from this State or Territory.

It includes different Criteria:

Business Innovation stream:

This provisional visa is for people with business skills. It lets you operate a new or existing business in Australia.

Investor stream:

This provisional visa requires you to invest at least AUD2.5 million in Australian investments that meet certain requirements and maintain business or investment activity in Australia.

Entrepreneur stream:

For startup and early stage entrepreneurs who have been endorsed to develop their concepts and been nominated by a State or Territory government agency.


According to the report prepared by Visa Consultants , A new “business startup visa” has been trailed in Shanghai’s select neighborhoods, allowing international entrepreneurs to live in China while establishing a business.

The Shanghai Public Security Bureau modified the policies for a new “Private Residence Permit (entrepreneurship),” also known as the “business startup visa” (), which allows foreigners to launch a fresh and innovative startup firm in Shanghai, in May 2018.

This visa is valid for one year, but it can be extended for another year provided the foreign entrepreneur can show that he or she has successfully formed a business during that period. Alternatively, once the company is established, this visa can be converted to a work permit.

Until now, the visa has just been steered in specific areas in Shanghai, including Changning and Yangpu.

The business startup visa is extraordinary in that its extent of qualification is sweeping – it incorporates people who have customarily been prohibited from numerous other visa classes, for example, unpracticed alumni and people more seasoned than 60 years of age.

Contrasted with conventional work allows, the business startup visa additionally gives financial backers and key administration staff the same adaptability in leading helper business exercises, for example, statistical surveying, business advancement, staff enlistment, rent looking, introductory organization arrangement techniques, and so on prior to getting the organization legitimately settled.

The following people are eligible to apply for the business startup visa:

  • Foreign students that have completed a higher education institution in China and are motivated to innovate and launch a business in Shanghai.
  • Excellent overseas graduates from top Chinese universities or world-renowned universities who have been graduated for less than two years but have made outstanding achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship in Shanghai; and
  •  Excellent overseas graduates from top Chinese universities or world-renowned universities who have been graduated for less than two years but have made outstanding achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship in Shanghai.

Shanghai, on the other hand, is far from the sole Chinese metropolis to offer visa benefits to international workers. Beijing and Yunnan province, for example, are among the localities that have announced strategies to attract top-tier international talent this year.

United Kingdom

Non-EEA nationals must get an innovator business visa in order to establish [their] business, or startup, in the UK market. Our visa business plan writing services can assist you in creating a visa business plan that is fully compatible with UK startup and innovator visa rules.

Our skilled writers and financial analysts have already completed a number of startup and innovator visa business plans. Writing a visa-compliant business plan can be difficult but Global Travel Consultants will help in taking the pressure off, curetting a unique visa business plan for your startup or innovation enterprise, and providing you with the skills you need to effectively launch your firm in the UK market.

A startup visa is for small or first-time business owners who have a lot of promise and want to start a business in the United Kingdom for the first time. A startup business plan, which conveys everything that is unique and profitable about your startup, is the finest method to demonstrate that potential. The goal of Global Travel’s startup visa business plan writing service is to assist you in creating a business plan that meets all requirements and explains why your startup is a risk worth taking.

Hi-tech employs over 15% of the country’s workforce. London also ranks well in the world in terms of talent concentration, thanks to its world-class universities and highly educated workforce.

South Korea

New Start Up visa are forming in South Korea. As South Korea has announced a VISA program for foreigners, which is a revision of the old scheme with significant revisions. Foreigners would find it considerably easier to obtain a working visa for their tech firms in Korea thanks to the new VISA – Overall Assistance for Startup Immigration System (OASIS).

While the major prerequisite for a Start-Up Visa in this program was a registered patent in Korea, the OASIS program now has a point-based system. The new system will make it easier for innovative and talented firms without a patent to meet the criteria. Not only that, but if you have time to study, the Korean government will assist you in achieving your goals.


This startup visa report was made Global Travel Visa Consultants .

Startup visas are becoming increasingly popular in industrialized countries as a means of attracting new business ideas to their economies. If you search for France visa requirements, you might come across a French business visa or a French tech visa on the list of France startup visas. Entrepreneurs and young founders who want to establish a new firm in France can apply for these business startup visas.

These programmes are open to a variety of firms, but in general, these business concepts must be innovative, internationally competitive, and create new jobs for French residents. When should you apply for a startup visa in France? The application process must begin at least three months before to the intended arrival date in France. He or she can apply 2 months before the expiration of the previous visa or permit.

If you are granted a French Tech Visa for Founders, you will be eligible to apply for a four-year residence permit in France. The maximum period of validity of the visa is determined by the kind, characteristics, and duration of the startup. It’s good to know, though, that the visa is renewable. If the desired stay is less than a year, the candidate is eligible to apply for a long-term visa, which is similar to a “Talent Passport.” Upon arriving in France, the applicant can validate this France startup visa online.

It has a maximum validity of one year, after which the applicant can apply for a residence visa if he or she want to stay longer. The fundamental terms and requirements of the visa programme are that the creator of a company can apply for a multi-year residence permit, often known as a “talent passport,” if this innovative startup project owner can demonstrate the following: – The existence of an innovative economic startup that he or she wishes to develop and launch in France; – Recognition of the startup by a public body (government, local authorities, public institutions, state-owned companies, etc. ); – Sufficient financial resources that correspond to the French minimum wage. In January, for example, the required amount was 18655 Euros.

Although there may be additional expenses associated with the France startup visa, the following are the most common ones that applicants will encounter. For the delivery of the title, the foreign applicant must pay a tax of 200 Euros. Note that the stamp duty on the residency permit, which is 25 euros, is not included in the tax amount. In addition, the applicant must pay 99 Euros for the long-stay visa, which allows them to enter France.


The Self-Employment Residency program in Sweden helps persons who want to stay in the country for longer than three months to do business. The entrepreneur’s visa permits him to stay in Sweden for two years, with the option of extending it to permanent residency.

The candidate should be knowledgeable about his work field and hold no less than half responsibility for business running in Sweden. Besides, the organization should have the option to help all candidates and relatives following two years.

You can apply for a residency permit as a self-employed individual once you have met the eligibility criteria. You have the option of applying online or in person. Attest to all required documents, including your passport, bank statements, partnership agreement, past employment certifications, and firms registered in your name both within and outside of Sweden.


You may have heard about the Estonia startup visa whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to start a business in Europe or an Estonian employer looking to hire top talent from outside the EU. The startup visa was created in 2017 with the purpose of recruiting the best and brightest to Estonia, a small Baltic Sea country. It allows qualifying applicants to work at a startup for over 12 months in Tallinn (or anywhere else in the country) while contributing to the local and national economy. For employers, the Estonia startup visa provides a method to attract the fresh young talent needed to launch and grow a successful firm.

For employees with the ultimate goal of applying for Estonian citizenship, the startup visa can be a gateway to Estonian immigration. Read on to learn more about the history of this intriguing project, educate yourself with the terms and circumstances of the start-up visa, and determine whether it’s appropriate for you or your business!

The startup visa program is a tool for Estonia to recruit creative young people who might not otherwise consider coming to the country or who might encounter immigration hurdles owing to their nationality in general.

Estonia is pleased to welcome bright, hardworking individuals to the country through the startup visa program, and it fully supports the initiative with the ultimate goal of enriching the Estonian economy and preserving and expanding the small country’s identity as a European hub for business, technology, and other forms of innovation.

A company must meet the following startup visa standards in order to be eligible for a startup visa:

  • Be a tech-based startup with a lot of room for expansion.
  • The Official Estonian Startup Committee has given its approval (which must certify that your business indeed qualifies as a startup under the terms of the program).

The criteria of the Estonia start-up visa include a requirement that startup visa applicants spend a minimum of €160 EUR per month while in the nation. As a result, you must show that you have (or are capable of having) a minimum of €1920 EUR (a year’s worth of monthly “payments”) in order for your startup visa application to be approved.

If  you are interested to get startup visa or want to submit  your proposal of best idea with your application, then Global travel Visa consultants are here to help you in all visa Performa as a professional way.

Global Travel Visa Consultants

Global Travel is visa Consultants Company working for consultancy online and physical and will help you to apply all visas. If you are a talented person and having a proposal to start a new business in all above mentioned cities or countries. Then our professional visa consultants will help you to submit your application for startup visa or innovation visa of that country.

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