PIA Gets Operating License for Two more Chinese Cities

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In addition to Beijing, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has obtained two additional operating licenses from Chinese authorities,  Guangzhou and Xian. The state airline can now start planning passenger flights to and from these stations.

Previously,  PIA only had a Beijing operating license, but the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has given airlines two other operating licenses that allow flight operations between two cities, Pakistan and China Qadir Bux sangi, Manager of PIA said on Sunday.

 He said international airlines can operate weekly flights to China under CAAC’s current standard procedures. PIA operates PK854855ISBXIYPEKISB using Xian’s first entry point to Beijing, in accordance with the Xian government’s CDC approval. “After changing the current CAAC standard procedures. We also have the opportunity to start regular flights to Guangzhou and Xi’An,” he added.

Regarding freight flights. PIA said it has received approval from Chinese authorities to operate charter freight flights to Kunming and Shenzhen. And that Kashgar (Xinjiang) approval is underway. He expressed his conviction that charter freight flights to various cities in China. That would help further improve trade and economic activity between Pakistan and China.

Regarding the resumption of PIA’s weekly  passenger flights to ISlamabad XianPeking Islamabad, which is currently suspended due to the circumstances of Covid 19, he said Xian’s local government authorities were asked for permission to resume  flights to Xi’An according to previous schedules.

“We are waiting for official approval to resume the flight so that we can support travelers from both countries,” he added.

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