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Life in Asia is also great for Westerners. Living expenses in Asia are not so high compared to Western countries. In addition, some Asian countries have low crime rates, high human safety indexes, and are peaceful and safe for people.

The 10 best countries to live in Asia are:


Singapore is one of the best countries in the world for foreign families. Clean streets, clean air, public transport, city-state security. More than 60% of respondents say Singapore’s school system  is better than  their home country. Singapore is also a great place to do business in Asia. About three-quarters of expatriates say they enjoy their job satisfaction here. People living in Singapore earn an average of $ 160,000 a year. However, living costs in rural areas can be quite high.


Japan is the country with the most volcanoes in the world. Every building has safety procedures against earthquakes of all kinds. Houses are made of wood to protect people from all kinds of harm. The country has a higher level of education, a high-tech industry, and many business opportunities. There are many English programs and study abroad opportunities in Japan. Due to its high employment rate, it is one of the most livable countries in the world. Also, the crime rate is very low here. Children in the first grade of elementary school go to school alone.

Hong Kong ( SAR China ):

Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities in the world and is a great place to do banking and business (if possible).

 Hong Kong is not always considered part of Southeast Asia, but it is a truly international city facing the South China Sea and occupies most of the region.  Hong Kong is an incredibly expensive place to rent an apartment. The long-running real estate bubble has made it one of the most expensive places to live. But even in Central,  Hong Kong has a very special Land. Well-dressed bankers eat at the corner with a $ 100 lunch in one hand.

 At the other corner, local vendors sell cheap clothes along with food stalls. You can get anything in Hong Kong. And the nature of the slightly gritty metropolis offers many opportunities to live affluently. Hong Kong offers all the benefits of big city life and the weather is great all year round. Beaches, greenery and culture (such as the Great Buddha) are just a short bus ride away.

 And if some of the world’s best shopping and waterfront views don’t surprise you, the world’s largest gambling mecca is just an hour by ferry. The strong business culture of And low tax rates make it a great city for entrepreneurs. As an additional bonus, Hong Kong Airport is one of the cleanest and most luxurious airports in the world, with direct flights to almost every civilized place you want to visit.

South Korea:

Living in South Korea provides an exciting life in a very progressive country. It is a place with natural beauty and modernity. South Korea is regarded as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technical products such as mobile phones, televisions and computers. Obtained a relatively high score for solid education and IT infrastructure. This country offers foreigners a standard of living at a reasonable price. You can also explore the country’s warm climate, vast hills and mountains,  vast coastal plains and 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  South Korea is also a safe country to live in. If you show that your expatriates are using common sense, you are not really at risk. In large cities, security is monitored in most public areas.


Malaysia is a multicultural country with Islam as the dominant religion. The country has attracted visitors and immigrants over the years because of its uniqueness and economic stability.

Job opportunities are plentiful and the cost of living in Malaysia is quite low. Expats here are usually satisfied with the affordability of living in the country and the ease of settling in. It is also Southeast Asia’s most popular retirement paradise, with many natural treasures for visitors to discover during their stay.


Thailand has experienced rapid development in recent decades, fueled in part by the tourism industry.

Like other Asian countries, the cost of living in Thailand is very low; you can live comfortably on about $1,000 a month. In addition, it has an excellent health system. Living in rural Thailand doesn’t have many attractions, but those who prefer peace and quiet will find it very appealing.

In general, Thailand has a tropical climate, with no cold winters here, which is ideal for those who like to swim and sunbathe.


The Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking countries.

With more than 7,000 islands, the geography ranges from beaches and rainforests to volcanoes and mountains. The Philippines is one of the best countries to retire in the world. You can live comfortably on between $700 and $1,200 a month, which includes housing, utilities, food, healthcare, and taxes.

And the best and safest way to find accommodation during your expatriation in the Philippines is to follow recommendations from friends and colleagues.


In recent years, Vietnam has become an increasingly popular destination for expats and is now recognized as a safe place for expats to live and work.

Expats are attracted to Vietnam’s beautiful weather, vibrant culture and continuous improvement of Vietnam’s infrastructure. The cost of living in Vietnam is relatively low, and foreigners can live very comfortably at a reasonable cost. In big cities you can find jobs teaching English, IT, business, finance, engineering, construction and agriculture.


A virtual travel guide to Macau. Get an overview of Macau’s arts, culture, people, environment, geography, history, economy and government.

 In addition to country profiles including facts and figures, this page contains maps, statistics, weather information, and the official Macau website, domestic airlines, local news, extensive travel and tourism information for cities and countries. Provides links to sources that provide information about the guide. Accommodations, attractions, events, etc.


With a population of about 270 million in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is rich in natural beauty, towering volcanoes, magnificent rice terraces and one of the world’s leading diving spots. Whether you’re climbing a volcano, hiking the jungle, or jumping off a coral reef, there’s no shortage of attractions. This country is one of the fastest growing countries in Southeast Asia.  Indonesia is also home to a fast-growing expatriate community for its economy and industry, offering a lot to new entrants. Indonesia, with its low cost of living and high quality of life, is one of the most livable countries in Asia, but it is not a retirement destination.

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