UK Scraps Rich Foreign Investor Visa Scheme

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The Minister of Interior has taken decisive steps to immediately close the Tier 1 Investor Visa Route to all new applicants of all nationalities. If the applicant invests funds in the equity or loan capital of an active UK registered company, Route permits entry and residence in the UK. It is under constant surveillance, illegally gaining wealth, and in some cases, including those involved in widespread corruption, have raised safety concerns.
Work was underway to reform the route to prevent abuse, but the Home Office has acted today to close the route.

This indicates that the government’s new immigration program is being implemented. This is decided for those who want to abuse the immigration system, but for those who come to the UK and want to play according to the rules, there is an opportunity. The Home Office will reform the innovator routes that are part of the new point-based immigration system, providing ambitious investment routes that will help support the UK economy more effectively. The results of a home office review surveying all Tier 1 investor visas granted from the start of the program in 2008 to April 5, 2015, when the route was reformed, will be announced shortly.

 Ms. Patel added: “I actually have zero tolerances for abuse of our immigration system. Under my new plan for Immigration, I need to make certain the British humans trust within side the system, consisting of preventing corrupt elites who threaten our countrywide safety and push grimy cash around our cities.

“Closing this course is simply the beginning of our renewed crackdown on fraud and illicit finance. We could be publishing a fraud motion plan, whilst the approaching Economic Crime Bill will crackdown on humans abusing our monetary establishments and higher shield the taxpayer.”

The Home Office stated agreement within side the UK will now be conditional on applicants “executing a funding method that may display true task introduction and different tangible monetary impacts – passively protecting UK investments will not be sufficient to attain an agreement. ” 

With the introduction of the point-based immigration system, they were able to target investors in the desired country. To support this, the Innovator Visa Path has been improved. The comparison is conditional on applicants seeking investment strategies that can demonstrate genuine job creation and other specific economic implications. Passively holding a UK investment is no longer enough to make a comparison.

Visa Scheme Alteration:

Several adjustments were made because the investor visa scheme becomes launched, along with greater assessments on how and whilst candidates obtained their wealth.

Banks also are now required to finish sure assessments earlier than beginning bills for candidates – who also are required to publish greater office work if their qualifying budget is invested via a sequence of various companies.

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