Pakistani Passport is Ranked Among Five Worst Passports

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The Pakistani passport ranks as the fourth worst passport for international travel for the third year in a row, with visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 31 destinations around the world, according to the Henley Passport Index 2022.The Henley Passport Index report, which ranks all the passports in the world according to the number of destinations their holders can visit without a prior visa, placed Pakistan in 108th place. Henley & Partners’ Henley Passport Index has been regularly tracking the world’s most user-friendly passports since 2006Reasons:

Reasons of Ranking Worst Passport:


The most important reason why other countries don’t give visa-free access to Pakistani passport is their relations with terrorism. I don’t say all Pakistanis are terrorists. They are a very peaceful nation. But somehow, most of the terrorist attacks all around the world have links with Pakistan. I don’t want to go in detail. You don’t even have to justify it. I am not blaming Pakistan for supporting terrorism; I am telling you what world thinks about them.

Overstaying Visa:

The main reason a country visa-free access to the nationals of other countries is to promote tourism. They want other nationals to come to their country, spend some money, strengthen their economy and go back to their home countries. The reason Pakistanis passport is one of the worst passports of the world is their overstaying habit. Most of the Pakistanis have an intention to overstay in the country, they are traveling to and earn some money there. They  ultimately want to settle there so it is the reason some time Embassy rejected the visas who have not attention about it.

 Law Abiding Citizens:

Most of the Pakistanis do not have a habit of following rules and regulations. Perhaps, it is because of the culture in their country or general behavior. They are not very law-abiding citizens. They try to violate traffic rules and feel proud in telling about it to others. How is a country going to accept this kind of attitude? It is unlike Filipinos and Indians who are considered very law abiding citizens.

Weak Financial Condition:

 A large population of Pakistanis is living below the poverty line. They don’t have enough money to eat 2 times a day, drink clean water, wear proper clothes. I know, many Pakistanis are very rich but here I am talking about the majority. If a country opens up its border for them, there is a huge risk that they will not return back.

Weak Political Condition:

Unfortunately, the Pakistani government is a very weak as far as tackling the visa issues with foreign offices of other countries is concerned. They are not even working on this issue to improve it in future. If the situation continues like this, I don’t see Pakistani passport regaining its respect in near future.


Corruption is also one of the man factor that de ranks the Pakistani passport in the world. There are also some corrupt persons that are interested in money laundering and other corrupted activities. So some countries not accept Pakistanis as good for their countries.

Immigration Consultant:

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