PIA To Start Europe Flights In Start of 2022

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The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) CEO, Arshad Malik has expressed that flights to Europe will restart in the main quarter of 2022. The presentation came later an approval council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) cleared a security review report on PIA recently.
The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) suspended PIA’s authorization to fly in EU part nations back in July 2020 due to permitting and flight wellbeing concerns.
The authorizing embarrassment defiled the Pakistan’s aeronautics industry. And the nation suspended 262 carrier pilots blamed for securing their licenses illicitly.

A team from the International Civil Aviation Organization visited Pakistan to conduct a safety audit of the aviation authority, which was concluded on December 10. However, the final report is still pending, after which the Significant Safety Concerns (SSC) would be phased down gradually.
The national flag carrier – Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) – has chosen to extend its sanction flights activity for the UK and European Union nations.

Arshad Malik, CEO of PIA, said in an interview this week: No formal information has been provided, but it is very positive.
“By the first quarter of next year, we should be able to fly to Europe and the ban should be lifted.”
He said he manages the airline’s internal affairs and has a safety and quality team. I put it under his control. “I have a Major General in charge of security. We introduced ourselves to Pakistan’s civil aviation, and then an international auditor came.”
Unfortunately, Malik intervened in the organization for about 20 years. Said that there were people who were stronger than the organization.

“People began to unite in associations and unions, and they tried to manipulate and control the organization,” he said.
“Because of these interventions, we have lost performance-based decisions over a period of time. We haven’t made any commercial decisions. Of course, all this happens. Immediately, the performance indicators began to decline. “

PIA manages internal operations and has significantly improved safety and quality standards. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) review it, prior to the visit of the IATA Industrial Safety Audit Team (IOSA). “We were able to clear and cross that hurdle (safety and quality standards) with outstanding remarks,” he said.

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