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The State of Qatar has continued to lead the list of the safest and most crime-free countries worldwide. According to the global database (Numbeo) during the first half of this year 2021 in 133 countries.
It is worth mentioning that the Numbeo database has been publishing its annual reports since 2009. It based on the crime rates in the world countries. The index of crimes can calculate according to the laws of the countries. This is particularly because there are acts that constitute crimes in some countries. While they have not deemed crimes in some other countries, something which gives a real measure of the crime rate in countries in accordance with applicable laws.

The Index adopts the highest points for the ranking of countries in the level of security and safety. Since the State of Qatar has been ranked the first by scoring 88.10 points out of 100. The rate of low crime is measured against the rate of security and safety.


visa Agent Islamabad – Taiwan is one of the safest country and is second-most secure country on the planet. As indicated by a 2020 mid-year wrongdoing list delivered by worldwide data set Numbeo. According to Numbeo, Taiwan having a security list score of 84.74 places and a wrongdoing record score of 15.26. Which together structure an amount of 100. A sum of 133 nations was remembered for the current year’s positioning, with Qatar, Taiwan, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) being recorded as the main three.


Worldwide information base Numbeo has delivered its mid-year security rankings for 2020 – and the UAE has taken out one of the best positions among 133 of the nations reviewed. The ranking of nations dependent on wellbeing records and the crime percentage. Wellbeing record considers a wide scope of boundaries, for example, worldwide calamities, work environment security, wellbeing, and so on—the higher the security list of a spot is, the more secure it is to live. The wrongdoing file score is get through the general violations of a country . Its populace and wrongdoing levels between 20 – 40 is low crime rate. The UAE has a security score list of 84.55 places and a wrongdoing file score of 15.45.


Omanis the fourth most secure country on the planet as a safest country, as per the worldwide wrongdoing file while the capital Muscat likewise figures among the urban areas with the least crime percentages. Numbeo, the world’s biggest web information base, gave Oman a wellbeing record score of 79.38. It is ranking just underneath the main four nations, Qatar (88.10), Taiwan (88.74), UAE (84.55), and Georgia (79.50).

5. Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the secured nations with the best quality of living and the most steady economy and its safety index report in 78.65 . While these realities most certainly stand, Switzerland is additionally perhaps the most secure country to live and visit. It has, for quite a long time, positioned sixth in the arrangements of the most dependable spots on the planet. Switzerland ranks sixth globally for food security. And is among the ten most peaceful countries for ongoing domestic and international conflict.

6. Hong Kong

Hong Kong rose eight notches in the global law. And order index to rank as the seventh safest city in the world with a score of 100. Numbeo, the world’s largest web information base, gave Hog Kong a wellbeing record score of 78.27. The level of crime in Hong Kong is 18.04 that is very low as its below 20. Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft are 19.35. In this way, all the security indexes are low according to the report of Numbeo.


Slovenia is a little nation in southern Central Europe, lined by Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, and the Adriatic Sea. Slovenia gained 5 places on the GPI. Also compared to the countries around Slovenia, the country has the eighth number in the ranking of safety scores of 78.21. It incorporates 3 areas and the normal among them puts the country in a particular spot. Those areas are level of cultural wellbeing and security, the degree of progressing nearby and worldwide clash, and the level of militarization.

8. Japan

The 10th most secure country on the planet in world. Japan has been in the main ten nations in the Global Peace Index for a long time, reliably getting good grades for low crime percentages, inside the struggle, and political dread. Two or three spaces of concern incorporate Japan’s disturbed relations with its neighbors and the expanding size and force of the country’s self-preservation powers. Japan is famous for having restricted migration and restricted admittance to guns. Japan doesn’t see conveying a gun to be a singular’s right. The level of crime is 20.3 that is low crime rate and overall its safety score indexes 78.05.

9. Georgia

Georgia is in the middle of the pack in terms of crime its safety score indexes 77.38. The level of crime is 21.52 and it is low a crime rate. Worries attacked in this country is 25 that is also low rate according to Numbeo. The level of concern in Georgia has risen almost 10% in the last year. But violent crime in The Peach State remains below the national and regional average.


Numbeo, a publicly supported worldwide data set of has reported crime rates in Estonia, To explain briefly, the safety score for countries equally weighs each of the three factors: war and peace, personal security, and natural disaster risk. The safety score aggregates the indices from these three risks, thus presenting a comprehensive view of safety for each country. This also means that a high level of risk in one factor will have limited effect on the country’s overall ranking.
In its mid-2021 record, Estonia is on tenth with a personal satisfaction score of 171.16. Estonia is doing especially well in the space of wellbeing (tenth), driving (fourth), and contamination (fifth).

11. Iceland

The crime rate in Iceland is very low. The homicide rate in Iceland is zero to 1.5 every year. With not many vicious violations, every episode has a news and discussed for a very long time. Each life is similarly significant, which adds to the country group’s friendly design. Iceland has an extremely low degree of wrongdoing credited to its elevated expectation of living, little populace, solid social mentalities against wrongdoing, a significant degree of confidence in their all-around prepared, profoundly instructed police power, and an absence of pressure among social and financial classes. Iceland doesn’t have a military, and the police don’t convey guns with them (just extendable implement and pepper shower). It additionally has laws set up to ensure equity, like lawful same-sex marriage and same-sex selections, strict opportunity, and equivalent compensation for people.

12. Croatia

Croatia is on the 12th among 100 nations in the 2021 security index score of the most secure nations on the planet, the New York-based magazine has distributed.
The most recent rankings estimated three variables – war and harmony, individual security, and cataclysmic event hazard.
“The wellbeing score totals the records from these three dangers, in this manner introducing a complete perspective on security for every country. This additionally implies that a significant degree of hazard in one variable will limitedly affect the country’s general positioning,” the magazine said.
Iceland was on 12th as a most secure country on the planet, trailed by Switzerland and Finland with Croatia high up on the rundown in the 12th spot.

13. Austria

Austria is the 13th-safest country in the world and its safety index score is 74.77. In any case, saw a weakening in the probability of fierce exhibitions pointer later the appointment of Sebastian Kurz’s People Party in October of 2017. Because of the country’s political unsteadiness, social agitation has expanded. In this case, is an exceptionally protected country to visit. Genuine violations are phenomenal, in spite of the fact that individuals ought to know about pickpockets and satchel snatchers. Moreover, It has been saved from any significant demonstrations of illegal intimidation. In this way crime rate has become low n these countries.

14. Czech Republic

Finishing the top twenty safest countries in the world is the Czech Republic and the safety index score is 74.69. Crime percentages have consistently diminished throughout the long term, particularly brutal wrongdoings. This is in spite of having generally simple admittance to weapons in the country. The Czech Republic additionally has a low effect of illegal intimidation. The nation’s fall in rankings is because of its generally high inclusion in unfamiliar contentions, the high proportion of the number of detainees per capita, and security powers and police evaluation.

15. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has topped the rundown as the most reliable nation as per worldwide pointers identified with security, outflanking the five super durable individuals from the UN Security Council.
The outcomes were uncovered through five security pointers remembered for the Global Competitiveness Report 2019, and the Sustainable Development Goals Index 2020.
The Kingdom is positioned 15th among the world’s safest countries in front of the five super durable individuals from the United Nations Security Council.

Saudi Arabia likewise started things out in the residents’ trust in the police administrations list, which estimates trust in security and viability in authorizing peace and lawfulness.
Saudi Arabia likewise positioned first in the dependability of police administrations file, a pointer that actions public trust in law authorization and its accomplishment in accomplishing request and wellbeing. The Kingdom bested the G20 and outperformed the five super durable UN Security Council individuals in this file, as well.

16. Denmark:

Denmark is, yet again, one of the most peaceful nations in the world. It ranks at the very top as number 20th in the safety index by Numbeo. The level of crime in Denmark is 17.45 that is considered as low. Denmark has an evident level of reasonableness and a strong sensation of typical commitment with respect to social government help – two things that add to Denmark’s prosperity and euphoria. Debasement is exceptional in business or authoritative issues, as validity and trust are principal worries in Denmark. Denmark is similarly an administration help state, suggesting that everyone gets organizations and benefits that help them with continuing with pleasant lives. Everyone in Denmark approaches clinical consideration with no additional charges to them, instructive expense-free preparing, and the old are given at-home thought associates.

17. South Korea

South Korea, formally the Republic of Korea, is a country in eastern Asia with a long history of contention that possesses the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. It is considered the safest country in the world and it ranks 21st country in safety index scores. Its Level of crime is 23.20 and that is considered as low. Safety walking alone day and night is considered a high level. This is one of the safest country for business and life safety. Any one can contact Global Travel visa agent to settle in this country.


Finland is a little country on a worldwide scale. The number of inhabitants in Finland makes up 0.07 percent of the total populace and its region as a large part of the complete world region. Yet, even a little nation can leap to the highest point of the world, and this is the thing that Finland has done: in worldwide country correlations of positive things Finland is regularly among the top nations close to other Nordic nations. It is one of the safest countries in the top 20 ranking country and its safety score is 72.99.

19. Netherland

The Netherlands has a populace of a little north of 17 million individuals. The city of The Hague is the seat of government, and the area, all things considered, and numerous worldwide associations like the Office for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Europol, Eurojust, the International Criminal Court (ICC), and the Peace Palace. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and is a flourishing focus of worldwide money, the travel industry, innovation, and business. There was a diminishing number of robberies in 2019, with 16% fewer enrolled thefts than in 2018. Revealed sex violations diminished by 12% the nation over, albeit the North Holland territory detailed an 11% increment. There was a 22% expansion of thefts including conveyances and trucks with the drivers as casualties. but in 2021 Netherland is considered one of the safest countries and its safety score indexes 72.78.

20. Romania

Romania’s judicial system offers moderately strong penalties for involvement in illicit markets, and its law enforcement agencies have demonstrated success in disrupting smuggling activities. A range of agencies has been established to tackle organized crime. Nevertheless, the current application of sanctions has been inconsistent and further action is required to ensure that prosecutors and the judiciary can use the existing laws effectively. There are no private prisons in Romania, and the country is regularly condemned for its inadequate detention facilities and inhumane treatment of prisoners. Pre-trial detentions are common, and their length is still well above the European average.

With regard to territorial integrity, most crimes detected by Romania’s border police take place on its border with Moldova. Romania is an EU member state but not part of the Schengen zone, and there are therefore risks associated with its borders with Ukraine and Moldova, both of which experience fragility and higher levels of organized crime. Romania’s geographical position at the crossroads of major trade routes from Eurasia towards Western Europe also increases its vulnerability. After controlling all the crime rate, Now the safety index score of Romania is 71.65.

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