Serene Air All Set To Launch Flight Operation From Lahore to Jeddah

SereneAir has announced that it will operate two weekly flights from Lahore to Saudi Arabia to improve passenger comfort. According to SereneAir, there are two weekly flights from Lahore, the capital of Punjab, to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. According to SenereAir, flights from Lahore to Jeddah will begin on December 5.
The airline has also announced more facilities for passengers traveling from Lahore to Jeddah. From Lahore to Jeddah, economy class ticket holders can carry up to 50kg. In addition to the Jeddah SereneAir from Lahore, ticket holders can carry up to 80 kg of luggage.
The Saudi government has lifted the travel ban as direct flights from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia have resumed over the past few days as control on covid-19.

Economical Advantages:

The flight operations of serene air have many advantages for the government of Pakistan as when they start flight operation from Lahore to Jeddah, they have to pay taxes to the Pakistani Government. In addition to that, this is the good news of Pakistani Govt that new private airlines starting more and more flights from different airports of Pakistan.

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