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Dual citizenship means multiple citizenships, which is described as when a single person is legally considered as a citizen of two or more countries at the same time. All countries do not allow their citizens to hold multiple citizenships.
There are many ways to come in any country by their visa laws and they all lead to nationality depending upon the country’s law, After coming in that country a person can get citizenship of that country by living there constantly for some year according to the citizenship law of that country. Every country has a different law to provide citizenship. A person can get citizenship in one country after one year with an investment limit in that country.


By getting the dual nationality of a stable country can be life-saving in the event of any kind of political, religious, economic, or social unrest in someone’s home country.

Flood :

One of the main reason to get dual nationality of a stable country, You can save your life and accumulate wealth from Flood risks. In Pakistan, there is no proper system to control the flood, so it is considered a risky country. By getting dual nationality of a secure country your wealth and life will be considered safe.

Earth Quake:

One of the important reasons to get dual nationality is earthquake occurrence in any country. A person can get dual nationality in a secure country to save his life from the risks of earthquakes.


Some countries are not considered as safe as they have no proper system to control the increasing crime rate. Anyone can kill a man at any time to steal something from them. So it is very important to get the dual nationality of a secure country to save their investment and life.


New business opportunities open up to dual citizens. A person can now do business in the host country as well as travel abroad more freely at any time. The other host country has a larger currency than the previous country and he/she has the best opportunity to get a job and can start a new business in the host country.

How A Person Can Acquire Dual Citizenship:

Acquire dual citizenship:
There are many different processes of acquiring dual citizenship and the corresponding passport. These are birth, naturalization, marriage, and investment process.
In some countries, if the parents were born in that country the child can get the citizenship of that country.
The other process is naturalization in which a resident can acquire the citizenship of that country as usually by living in that country for a certain number of years as a permanent resident.
In some countries the individual will get fast-track permanent resident status who have married citizenship of that country, spending up the citizenship time there.
In some country to acquire citizenship, A person should invest in the economy of the host country. More and more countries are offering citizenship by the investment in their country.


Global travel agent is a travel consultancy company in Pakistan and United Kingdom that empowers individuals and families to become Global Citizens of a country. We are a financial consultancy firm specializing in investor programs for residence and citizenship, and consider ourselves the all-important linking between dreams and reality. We offer a bespoke service experience supported and sustained by long-term relationships.

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