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Our immigration consultant help you to immigrate from one country and also about Dual Nationality. Dual nationality means that a person is a citizen of 2 countries at the same time. They have a legal link with 2 different states, being doubly protected.

Dual citizenship is perfectly legal in some cases and illegal in others.



This is generally due to what is described as disloyalty or some type of conflict of interest at the international level. Some countries have no problem. You can have dual citizenship in Canada and the United States, as long as you obey the laws of the country in which you are living. The UK, Spain, Australia and France also allow dual citizenship. However, other countries like India, China and Germany don’t allow this option.

While dual citizenship provides certain benefits, it’s also very true that it involves great responsibilities. Let’s see precisely what are the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining this condition.

Advantages of Dual Citizenship By Immigration Consultant

Residence in several countries.
You can live in any of the 2 countries in which you are a citizen.
Opportunity to enter an exclusive job market for citizens only.
You can work in government areas where it’s a requirement that you be a citizen.
Access to government programs.
Many people choose to obtain a second citizenship in order to access a better health or education system.
Greater possibility of investments.
Another advantage of dual citizenship is that you have the ability to own property in any country, because there are some nations that restrict land ownership only to citizens.
They cannot deport you.

You have a Plan B

A political conflict, a natural disaster or an economic debacle, whatever the situation, if the conditions in your country of residence aren’t good for you, there is always the possibility of residing in the country of your second nationality.

Ease of travel

You can travel more easily between countries, without prior complications, or visa procedures. It’s common to see, for example, Latin Americans obtain Spanish nationality, not with the intention of permanently moving to the Iberian country, but because having that nationality makes it easier for them to travel to other European countries.

Possibility of voting or holding public office

This privilege in many cases is exclusive to nationals of a country. With dual citizenship, there is the possibility of voting and holding public office in the countries of which you are a citizen.

Tax obligations in more than one country.

It may be that the taxes to be paid are doubled if you have dual citizenship. There are treaties with some countries to avoid the double tax burden.

You must meet the residency requirements in 2 countries.

In some countries it is an obligation to vote or fulfill compulsory military service at 18 years of age.

The process of obtaining another citizenship can be arduous and extensive.

Perhaps you will have to deal with immigration, the civil registry, the general consulate, the apostille of documents, etc. to obtain dual citizenship. Some procedures take years, are expensive, and gathering the necessary documentation is complicated.

For this reason, it’s very important that you evaluate very well if you really want to obtain dual citizenship, before investing time, money and effort in it.

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